Dranzon Westbrook


Class: Slide
Alias: The Crawler (involuntary)


Dranzon Westbrook never intended to enter this kind of life, Duskvol however had different plans for him.

When he was 17 years old Dranzon’s parents, Lawren and Mellinna Westbrook, were murdered by the Lampblacks for reasons that still allude him. After his parents’ store burned, Dranzon vowed to bring down the Lampblacks for good. Wanting to cause chaos to the Lampblacks’ ranks he decided to join them and break them from within, that was when he learned that chaos was something he is really really good at. He was good with people too, apparently all the haggling in the store all those years ago helped him become some sort of people person. In the following years Dranzon rose through the ranks fairly quickly befriending Bazso Baz, the leader of the Lampblacks, and his wife Laura.

After an encounter with Laura, of the romantic kind, Dranzon “Exiled” himself from the Lampblacks when he found out that Bazso found out. Finding the situation amusing but also extremely dangerous, he hid the months following the incident. On his own and still wanting to destroy the Lampblacks and Bazso specifically, Dranzon started to ask himself what happens now?

Dranzon Westbrook

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