Argus Lameane


Class: Spider
Alias: Bernard Cyphvale


Argus Lameane, eldest son of Adrian and Miranda Lameane of Northport, brother of Jaeden and Victoria.
The family of Lameane has been running the electricity and engineering factory of Northport for three generations. As the eldest son, It was supposed to fall to Argus to run the family business as Adrian approached retirement. Ever more the engineer type than the manager type, Argus has formally requested his brother Jaeden to take his position as manager, a request Jaeden was happy to grant.
Seeking to increase his family’s influence beyond Northport, Argus made his way to Duskvol with the intent of setting the grounds for a branch of Laemane Industries. Upon arriving in Duskvol, Argus has bought a house to act as his base of operations while he studies and executes his schemes to bring down the local engineering business, Greystone Industries. Argus managed to score a job Greystone as an engineer under a false name, and after several weeks of assessment has began forming the criminal group Sepia to do harm to Greystone’s business.

Argus Lameane

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